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Red Mangrove Propagule (Rhizophora mangle)

Rhizophora mangle more commonly known as a Red Mangrove is an excellent addition to supplement primary nutrient exportation. Unlike macro algae which can often spread throughout the sump and into the display, mangroves simply grow upwards becoming more breathtaking as they uptake nutrients and grow. Maintenance is as simple as removing and dropped leaves into the tank and an occasional wipe of the leaves to remove salt. 

Reef Advantage: Red Mangroves are a beautiful addition to any reef display to create a realistic lagoon. Red Mangroves can be placed high on the rocks and will root and take hold. Provides a natural addition to exporting phosphates and nitrates when added in sufficient quantity. Provides a safe haven for copepods when added into the display tank. 


  • Propagule Size: Approximately 10''-14''
  • Salt Tolerance: Euryhaline (Can tolerate freshwater, brackish, and saltwater)
  • Substrate: Refugium mud or rock 
  • Lighting Recommendation: 6000 Kelvin (white)  - 6500 Kelvin (cool white).
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Reef Safe: Yes

Mangrove care: Mangroves are extremely hardly organisms that have evolved to survive in a wide range of conditions which are often intolerable to other terrestrial plants. Care should be given to ensure that the mangrove leaves are clear of salt multiple times a week to ensure optimal mangrove health. Mangrove benefits from additional supplements such as trace elements and iron.