Holiday Shipping

Transit time where packages will not arrive due to FedEx not operating on those days will not be shipped. The arrival of healthy live feeds is extremely important for us. 

We only ship Monday - Wednesday. 

Date FedEx Express Ground Pod Your Reef (Local Pickup)
12/18/20 Open Open Open
12/19/20 Open Closed Open
12/20/20 Closed Closed Open
12/21/20 Open Open Open
12/22/20 Open Open Open
12/23/20 Open Open Open
12/24/20 Modified  Open Closed
12/25/20 Closed Closed Closed
12/26/20 Modified  Closed Closed
12/27/20 Closed Closed Closed
12/28/20 Open Open Open
12/29/20 Open Open Open
12/30/20 Open Open Open
12/31/20 Modified  Open Closed
1/1/21 Closed Closed Closed
1/2/21 Modified  Closed Open