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Apogee MQ-510 Par Meter: Full-Spectrum Underwater Quantum Meter


Provides research-grade underwater measurements under all light sources, including LEDs with Apogee's full-spectrum underwater quantum meter. 

The MQ-510 quantum meter is designed for underwater PAR measurements and already applies the sensor's immersion effect correction factor to the meter readings through firmware.

The meter provides excellent measurements under all light sources, including LEDs. The meter consists of a waterproof quantum sensor attached via water-proof cable to a handheld meter. The waterproof sensor incorporates a blue-enhanced silicon photodiode and custom optical filters with a rugged, anodized aluminum body with acrylic diffuser. The underwater quantum sensor is typically used in saltwater aquariums where corals are grown. Note: The handheld meter is not waterproof, only the sensor and cable are waterproof.