System MIDI - 36 gal

Pod Your Reef


Aquarium Controller

: 135 lt. (36 gal) Aquarium

Aquarium size / Pool : 22,44x 20 x20

Stand Size :22,44x20x 35

Front glass In Diamond Glass ®

Almost so popular as our SYSTEM MINI, this model inherits the quality, not much bigger than MINI, however, allow you to use a larger filter SUMP, which gives room for some more accessories.

A cube generously sized, where every detail has been carefully studied with rationality. The incredibly small overflow is designed not to "disturb" the layout.
The Freshwater version has no SUMP and is supplied with overflow and fittings to connect a canister filter (not included). The marine version is equipped with our SUMP500 (external filter made in glass), that includes one chamber for the mechanical filtration and the Filter bag, DOUBLE organic chamber, the pump and the ELOS PS200 skimmer. Each aquarium includes everything you need to start.


  • Aquarium POOL60s type: crystal blue line with polished edges, front glass in In Diamond Glass with our ELOS QuietDrain overflow
  • Cabinet SQUARE60 type: made of with a highly water resistant core and a water resistant outer laminate in gloss white.
  • External Elos Cube Sump : works inside of the Cabinet and includes the necessary elements for proper filtration without compromise.
  • Mechanical chamber: in the mechanical chamber of the SUMP, the water exits the Elos PS Skimmer and microfiltered mechanically through the interchangeable Elos filter bag
  • Double Organic chamber: in the organic chamber, the valve controls our variable velocity chambers (VVC) ®. Here the water is enriched with micro elements. This compartment allows you to adjust water flow speed making this a very flexible chamber where active carbon, resins, live rock, etc. can be used.
  • Connections: drain hose in corrugated design, refill tube in silicone and PVC fittings



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