Bonded Midnight Lightening Clownfish + Copepod Giveaway

Enter to win

We want your reef to thrive. We've put together an awesome prize with the help us that will literally bring life back to your reef. Enter for a chance to win one of three prizes. 


  1. Bonded Pair of Captive Bred Midnight Lighting Clownfish from Clownfish USA + 2 Bag of Tisbe Copepods
  2. 2 Bag of Tisbe Copepods and 1 Bag of Phytoplankton.
  3. 1 Bag of Tisbe Copepods + 1 Bag of Phytoplankton 

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Once you log into the entry form, you’ll be able to enter by:

  • Signing up for the Pod Your Reef newsletter
  • Visiting the Pod Your Reef Facebook page
  • Bonus entries 

The giveaway ends August 12,2017 at 12:00am EST. When time expires, we’ll choose the winners, email them directly, and make an announcement on social media. Good luck!

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