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About Us

A story about our contribution to the hobby

Our Values

a small company that is driven by two key values

Meet The Team

Dr. Josh

Although Pod Your Reef began in 2015, our founder, Dr. Josh, developed a love for salt water aquariums at a young age. Josh grew up in California watching the surfers at Monterey Bay and going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (worth a trip if you haven’t been!). As a kid he begged his Mom for an aquarium but she wouldn’t give in (she confirms this story). In college, he started a 12 gallon nano and was hooked. The tanks have grown over the years but he still has that little 12 gallon nano in a box in the garage. 

Josh has extensive knowledge and experience with breeding colonies, husbandry, and complex breeding strategies including  work in congenic, consomic models. 


Cassity married into the salt water aquarium hobby. She instantly appreciated the art of reef keeping when Josh set up their first aquarium and her love for Mandarin fish made it easy to say yes to starting Pod Your Reef. Cassity stays busy by taking care of their little one and helping operate Pod Your Reef. The business and the baby are growing fast and together her and Josh are loving every minute!

Thank you for letting our Family be a part of yours.