ARID N18 Pax Bellum Macroalgae/Chaeto Reactor (40-120 US Gal Sys)

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The ARID Algae Remediation Illuminated Device: A Quantum Leap in Nutrient Export

Introducing the ARID (Algae Remediation Illuminated Device), the original and patented macroalgae reactor by Pax Bellum. This ingenious device revolutionizes the concept of using macroalgae, specifically Chaetomorpha, as a highly efficient nutrient export mechanism. With its unique design and advanced features, the ARID takes nutrient control in aquariums to a whole new level.

Maximized Efficiency with Coaxial LED Light Tube

The ARID's exceptional design incorporates a coaxial LED light tube that maximizes light penetration and efficiency. This innovation ensures optimal growth and photosynthesis of the macroalgae, resulting in superior nutrient export capabilities.

A Self-Regulating Solution for Carbon Source Limitation

By utilizing a tube and flange design, the ARID effectively isolates the algae from atmospheric CO2, limiting the carbon source to only what is respired by organisms within the aquarium. This self-regulating feature eliminates organic carbon buildup, preventing the yellowing of water. The ARID acts as a lung for your aquarium, supersaturating it with oxygen generated by the algae while removing excess CO2, promoting a healthy and balanced aquatic environment.

Optimal Day/Night pH Balance and Oxygen Levels

Pax Bellum recommends running the ARID on a "reverse daylight" cycle, opposite to the display aquarium's lighting. This approach helps maintain a natural day/night pH swing and ensures high dissolved oxygen levels throughout the night when photosynthesis has ceased. The ARID becomes an indispensable component for maintaining the ideal environmental conditions in your aquarium.

Target Specific Nutrient(s) for Export

In a reef aquarium, balancing nutrients N:P:K:C is crucial, with phosphate (P) often requiring strict control. The ARID offers precise nutrient targeting by recommending the use of the "Nitrogen+Molybdenum" solution included with the reactor. By maintaining a minimum ratio of NO3 to PO4 at 20:1, and ideally at 100:1, the chosen macroalgae, such as Chaetomorpha, can continue to thrive until phosphate levels reach the minimum cut-off for growth. This capability ensures effective nutrient export and promotes the sustained growth of desired algae.

Compatible with Triton Method and Calcium Reactor

The ARID seamlessly integrates with various filtration systems, making it an ideal choice for both Triton Method enthusiasts and those using a calcium reactor. When running the Triton Method, the ARID serves as an excellent alternative to a large algae filter, fulfilling the essential algae component that keeps nutrients in check. Additionally, the optional Ca injection assembly allows direct integration with a calcium reactor, increasing macroalgae growth rate, nutrient uptake, and dissolved oxygen production.

Convenient Setup and Optional Upgrades

The ARID comes with starter solutions of 30ml Fe+Mn and 125ml N+Mo, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. Please note that algae and pump are not included. To enhance convenience, consider adding INLINE Quick Disconnects. For the factory 1/2" tubing, the ARID N18 Inline Quick Disconnect Set is recommended, while the ARID N24 Quick Disconnect Set is suitable for upgrading to 3/4" tubing.


  • Recommended Aquarium Size: 40-150 US gal
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 150-200 gph
  • Chamber Material: Cast Acrylic with integrated hang-on bracket
  • Footprint: 6.5 inches
  • Height: 16.375 inches
  • Inlet/Outlet Port Size: 1/2" FNPT
  • Power Consumption: 13 Watts
  • Power Supply Compatibility: 90-240V AC, 50/60Hz

Experience the next level of nutrient export with the ARID Algae Remediation Illuminated Device by Pax Bellum. Achieve unparalleled control and maintain a healthy, thriving aquarium ecosystem. Upgrade your filtration system today!

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