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Multiwavelength photometer

Portable multiwavelength photometer for testing water parameter in aquacultures, agriculture and industry.


Reagents must be ordered separately

Exaqua Marine START package

Exaqua PRO3 is an advanced portable multiwavelength photometer with unique Rayject technology that allows performing measurements with no separation of the test vial from the ambient light. Designed to test water parameters in aquacultures, agriculture, and industry.

Inside the set:

  • Exaqua PRO 3 set 1:
    – transport case
    – Exaqua PRO3 photometer
    – 5 ml syringe
    – USB cable with power adaptor
    – samples vials with caps (4 pcs.)
    – instruction manual
    – quality certificate
    – warranty card
  • Exaqua Z-methods pack:
    – Exaqua Basic methods
    – Exaqua Marine methods
    – Exaqua Exatitr methods

Exaqua PRO3 allows to:

  • Perform measurements in 3 different wavelengths (channels): 470 nm, 520 nm, and 610 nm
  • Test the following water parameter (methods):
    Alkalinity KH, Total hardness GH, pH 4.5-6, 6-8.5, 4.5-9, Nitrate NO3, Nitrite NO2, Total ammonia NH4, Phosphate PO4, Iron Fe,
    Manganese Mn, Copper Cu, Silicon Si, Potassium K, Manganese Mg, Calcium Ca, Sulphate SO4, Dissolved oxygen O2, Carbon dioxide CO2 *

* It is possible to purchase other licenses to enhance the functionalities of your photometer with additional parameters.

Solid, dust and splash-proof design ensures comfortable and reliable measurements in the field.
The Built-in Li-ion battery allows the user to operate the photometer for about 10 hours.


0,803 kg


22 × 28 × 6,5 cm

Photometer type:

Exaqua PRO 3


470 nm, 520 nm, 610 nm

For use with (application):

fresh/marine water


Eco-education, Freshwater aquariums, Garden ponds, Hydropnic cultivations

Licence type:

Exaqua BASIC methods, Exaqua EXATITR methods

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