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Ready to see a frenzy of feeding activity? Enjoy the perfect bundle to elevate the health and vibrancy of your reef ecosystem! Our carefully curated combination of live copepods and rotifers brings the marine world to life, restoring the natural food source in your reef tank and creating a thriving, self-sustaining environment.

The Ultimate Reef Feast Bundle includes:

  1. Apocyclops panamensis - Double Delight (2 Bottles): These tiny but mighty copepods are a powerhouse of nutrition for your reef inhabitants. Packed with essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins, Apocyclops panamensis promotes optimal growth and coloration in your corals. Watch as your marine life feasts on these live copepods, enjoying a buffet of goodness that mirrors their natural habitat.

  2. Tigriopus californicus - Double Dose (2 Bottles): The energetic Tigriopus californicus copepods add an extra layer of diversity to your reef's diet. Known for their lively swimming patterns, these copepods stimulate feeding responses in your tank's inhabitants. Rich in astaxanthin and other essential nutrients, Tigriopus californicus enhances the overall health and resilience of your coral community, contributing to a flourishing and balanced ecosystem.

  3. Rotifers - One Bottle: Enhance the nutritional variety in your reef tank with our premium rotifers. These microscopic organisms serve as an excellent food source for corals, fish larvae, and other filter-feeding organisms. Packed with essential fatty acids and proteins, rotifers play a crucial role in supporting the growth and reproduction of your marine life, ensuring a harmonious and thriving underwater world.

By incorporating the Feeding Frenzy Bundle into your reef routine, you're not just providing a meal – you're fostering a sustainable and natural environment that mirrors the diversity of the ocean. Trust Pod Your Reef to deliver the highest quality live copepods and rotifers, guaranteeing a nutrient-rich feast for your reef tank inhabitants. Elevate your reef-keeping experience and witness the beauty of a well-nourished underwater paradise with our carefully crafted bundle. Order now and let the feast begin!

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5 Star Reviews


I have been ordering Copepods for many years and I never notice any reaction from my fish or corals when I bought from other places not so buying from Pod Your Reef! The copepods were alive and well! You could even see some swimming around in the tank my mushroom corals went crazy! Highly recommend getting your copepods from here!

Nicholas B.