Happy Reef Bundle

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  • Tisbe Biminiensis Copepods (2 bottle)
  • Apocyclops panamensis Reef Copepods (2 bottles)
  • Prodibio BioClean Salt (30 vial kit)
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Introducing the Happy Reef Bundle: Your Ticket to Aquatic Paradise!

Are you tired of lackluster and mundane reef tanks? Do you dream of a thriving, vibrant underwater world that captivates all who gaze upon it? Well, prepare to turn that dream into a reality with our Happy Reef Bundle! This extraordinary kit brings together a powerful combination of aquatic wonders that will revolutionize your reef tank experience.

First up, we have not one, but two bottles of Tisbe Biminiensis Copepods. These tiny, energetic critters are the secret to a truly happy reef. They form an integral part of the natural ecosystem, providing essential nutrients and maintaining a healthy balance. Watch as your corals flourish and your fish frolic amidst the abundance of these dynamic organisms.

But we don't stop there! Our Happy Reef Bundle also includes two bottles of Apocyclops panamensis Reef Copepods. These remarkable copepods possess unparalleled adaptability, effortlessly navigating through your reef tank to deliver crucial nutrients and sustain the delicate harmony of your aquatic haven. Prepare to be mesmerized by their graceful movements and the remarkable impact they have on your coral's growth.

To ensure your reef remains immaculate and pristine, we've included Prodibio BioClean - 30 vials in this extraordinary bundle. BioClean's powerful formula promotes crystal-clear water by eliminating harmful organic waste and preventing unsightly algae growth. It's like having your very own team of underwater cleaners, tirelessly working to maintain the highest standards of water quality. Sit back, relax, and revel in the dazzling clarity of your reef tank.

When combined, these incredible products work synergistically to transform your reef tank into a thriving, vibrant masterpiece. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty as your corals radiate with health and vitality, your fish swim with sheer joy, and your entire aquatic ecosystem thrives like never before.

With the Happy Reef Bundle, you can experience the Pod Your Reef level of satisfaction. Say goodbye to dull, lackluster tanks and hello to an aquatic paradise that will leave your friends and family speechless. Don't wait any longer – dive into a world of endless wonder with the Happy Reef Bundle today!

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5 Star Reviews


I have been ordering Copepods for many years and I never notice any reaction from my fish or corals when I bought from other places not so buying from Pod Your Reef! The copepods were alive and well! You could even see some swimming around in the tank my mushroom corals went crazy! Highly recommend getting your copepods from here!

Nicholas B.