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The ARID Algae Remediation Illuminated Device: Revolutionizing Nutrient Export

Experience the groundbreaking ARID (Algae Remediation Illuminated Device) by Pax Bellum. This patented macroalgae reactor takes nutrient export to a new level. Harnessing the power of macroalgae, specifically Chaetomorpha, the ARID provides a highly effective and customizable nutrient export solution. Discover its innovative design featuring a coaxial LED light tube for maximum efficiency.

A Self-Regulating Solution for Optimal Carbon Control

The ARID's tube and flange design isolate the algae from atmospheric CO2, limiting the carbon source to the respiration of organisms within the aquarium. This self-regulating feature eliminates organic carbon buildup and prevents water yellowing. Acting like a lung, the ARID saturates the aquarium with oxygen produced by the algae while removing excess CO2. Implementing a "reverse daylight" cycle helps balance pH swings and maintains high dissolved oxygen levels, even during the night.

Precise Nutrient Targeting for Reef Aquariums

With the ARID, you can precisely target specific nutrients for export. In reef aquariums, balancing N:P:K:C is crucial, particularly limiting phosphate (P). While potassium (K) and carbon (C) are typically abundant, nitrogen (N) can become depleted due to algae growth. The ARID includes a "Nitrogen+Molybdenum" solution for dosing, maintaining an optimal ratio of NO3 to PO4 (e.g., 20:1 or 100:1). This enables the continuous growth of Chaetomorpha or the macroalgae of your choice until phosphate levels reach the minimum threshold for growth.

Compatible with Triton Method and Calcium Reactors

The ARID is the ideal solution for those utilizing the Triton Method. Acting as the heart of the filtration system, the ARID fulfills the algae component needed to keep NO3 and PO4 in check. This compact, upright unit offers a convenient alternative to large algae filters, making it suitable for setups with limited space. For calcium reactor users, the optional Ca injection assembly integrates seamlessly. Enhance macroalgae growth, nutrient uptake, and dissolved oxygen production by incorporating this kit into your system.

Convenient Setup and Specifications

The ARID comes with quick disconnect fittings and includes starter solutions of 60ml Fe+Mn and 250ml N+Mo. Please note that algae and pump are not included. The ARID is designed for aquariums ranging from 120 to 300 US gallons. Recommended flow rate is 200-400 gph. The chamber is made of durable cast acrylic, and the unit has a footprint of 9.5" x 8.25" with a height of 22.625". The inlet/outlet port size is 3/4" FNPT, and the power consumption is 20 Watts. The included power supply accepts 90-240V AC, 50/60Hz input, making it suitable for use worldwide.

Upgrade your aquarium filtration with the ARID Algae Remediation Illuminated Device. Achieve superior nutrient export and create a thriving aquatic ecosystem. Order now!

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