Guaranteed Alive

Our Commitment to you. 

Revive your order.

Shipping can be a long journey. Your live items are packed cozy and securely and placed into a nice dark box. We've all been on a long ride where the best way to pass the time is to take a nap. When you receive your items, the best way to wake them up is to give them some fresh air. Remove the cap, let them sit at room temperature and watch in amazement as they become more active. For tiny species like tisbe pods, the best way to visualize them is to take them to a dark room and put a high power flashlight against the bottle. You'll see them gather at the point where the light meets the bottle. 

Your shipment arrives alive or we'll replace it.

It's really that simple, we'll take care of all the details in order to make sure your purchase is enjoyable and stress-free. In the rare case that something arrives not alive we've got your back. You will not be responsible for any portion of the replacement, it's just not right. We take a lot of pride in ensuring everything arrives in tip-top shape.


To be covered under our live arrival guarantee policy.

If any items in your purchase from us fail to arrive alive you must inform us by email (info @ podyourreef.com)  within 6 hours of arrival. Each item must be unopened and a photo along with proof of purchase must be submitted.