CalciReef+ | Increase of calcium and magnesium in the marine aquarium

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CALCI REEF+ is a hydrogel that maintains the levels of Calcium, Magnesium, and Alkalinity at their optimal levels in a reef aquarium.


A large number of marine organisms such as corals and encrusting calcareous algae consume calcium and carbonates for the synthesis of their rigid structure.

They also have high magnesium requirements, an element that inhibits the precipitation of calcium in the form of insoluble calcium carbonate.

The carbonate and hydrogen carbonate ions are mainly responsible for the overall alkalinity, and through their buffering power, contribute to limiting pH variations, which are harmful for the aquarium.

It is therefore important to compensate for the consumption of these elements by regular additions.

CALCI REEF+ provides calcium and magnesium. It also allows the gradual release, under the action of BIODIGEST bacteria, of hydrogen carbonate ions resulting from the bio-transformation of the acetates of the calcium hydrogel.

This step has the effect of gradually regenerating some of the alkalinity in your aquarium.

The combination of CALCI REEF+ and ALKA REEF+ generates an ionic balance close to that of natural seawater.


Regularly measure the calcium consumption of your aquarium and readjust the calcium concentration to around 400-450 mg/L.

The amount of CALCI REEF+ to be used must be adapted to each aquarium and cannot be generalized. 

We recommend its use with ALKAREEF+.

One dose of CALCIREEF+ for 2 doses of ALKAREEF+.

Wait at least half an hour between adding ALKAREEF+ and CALCIREEF+.

To be poured into the flow of the current.


1 ml of CALCIREEF+ increases calcium by 100 mg/L and magnesium by 4.7 mg/L per 1 L of aquarium water.

Ready-to-use liquid solution.

Shake vigorously before use.

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