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What is a N-DOC Organic Professional Analysis?

A comprehensive test for nitrogen, alkalinity, & dissolved organic carbon.  Designed to balance and control the nutrients that influence the abundance of bacteria, cyanobacteria, and algae in closed reef systems. 


  • Insight into complex organic systems in seawater: Carbon and Nitrogen.
  • Use N/C/P ration to manage sources of Carbon/Amino acid and control their influence on bacteria and corals in reef aquaria. (P value measured separately via an ICP test or manually). 
  • Eliminate problems caused by blind dosing
  • Use for problem-solving and determining the need for water changes
  • Troubleshoot common problems such as tissue necrosis and cyanobacteria
  • Measure true alkalinity, free from external influences. 

USA Testing Center with Free Shipping Included!

  • Tests now performed in California
  • Fast turn-around time to get results in 1-2 days

What's included?

  • 2 N-DOC Testing Vials
  • 2 Registration Barcodes

How do I get started? 

  1. Purchase a test kit (We recommend 3 for baseline, adjustments, and monitoring)
  2. Create an account at Triton Labs
  3. Collect water samples with the supplied kit
  4. Place the supplied barcodes on each sample vial 
  5. Mail the samples to Trition's lab in California with the provided shipping label
  6. Receive results in as fast as 1-2 days


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