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Prodibio Coral Vits


Coral Vits combines all the necessary vitamins needed for the development of corals and other organisms in the reef aquarium. Aiding in the acceleration of tissue repair while reducing stress on corals, Coral Vits incorporates Neoguoutte technology to create a water-soluble multivitamin that is gradually released into the aquarium. With Prodibio's Coral Vits vitamins are gradually released into the aquarium allowing them to become available for your corals to consume over time. Most of the vitamins your corals require can be synthesized but some of them they simply cannot produce in the proper quantities or even at all, and that is why many aquarists are required to supplement them for proper coral health. 


  • Contains all the vitamins needed for optimal growth and coloration
  • Water soluble and lipophilic vitamins
  • Accelerates tissue repair
  • Balanced formula releases over time

How to use Coral Vits

  • Can be used in combination of Reef Booster
  • When the addition balance of vitamins available for corals to consume.
  • Coral Vits should be used regularly or at least during the coral propagation process to help heal and repair any scaring or tissue loss.

How often do I add Bioptim?

Volume Product Size Dosing Instructions
0 to 15 gallons Nano 1 vial / 15 days
16 to 30 gallons Nano 2 vials / 15 days
0 to 49 gallons Standard 1 vial / 15 days
50 to 104 gallons Standard 2 vials / 15 days
105 to 159 gallons Standard 3 vials / 15 days
160 to 209 gallons Standard 4 vials / 15 days
210 to 264 gallons Standard 5 vials / 15 days
265 to 530 gallons Pro 1 vial / 15 days
531 to 265 gallons Pro 2 vials / 15 days
211 to 265 gallons Pro add 1 vial every 525  gallons