Rotifers L-Type



The use of rotifers in reef home aquariums have primarily been associated with the breeding and rearing of clown fish. However, rotifers represent an untapped resource for the home reef tank. Rotifers are an excellent choice of live feeds for reef tank inhabitants including filter feeders and NPS corals.

  • Package Size: 20 oz
  • 100% Aquacultured
  • 100 +/- 30 ind/ml/

Diet Advantage: Excellent first feed for many larva fish, as the nutritional profile of rotifers is based upon it's phytoplankton diet. 

Reef Advantage: Often overlooked, rotifers are an excellent addition for a reef tank. Their small size allows them to easily be consumed by smaller prey which not possible with traditional non-viable feeds. 

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Type: Zooplankton

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